Beautiful World

Do you ever think about the world you live in now, as an adult, compared to how or what you thought it would be like when you were a child? I was feeling a bit down about this comparison the other day, while I was also having a particularly challenging day. That is where this poem comes from.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Oh, Beautiful World,
You filled this child’s eyes with glimmering promise,
I was humbled and ignited to find my place.
To do the right of good, to give freely of my trust,
Eager to win the favor of your light and grace.

Oh, Time Passes,
Running away, with my youth chasing the path,
Where ravenous shadows were unexpected.
Betrayal strangled the wonder from the bloom,
And promises scattered as the soul was tested.

Oh, Innocence Lost,
From those who wear the shadows as a veil,
Stealing themselves away from more gentle gifts.
Survival loves the righteous, indignant thirst to prevail,
While gratification is the master of ego’s hunger.

Oh Beautiful World,
I still see you in the passing eyes of strangers
Who did not succumb to the faithless veil of shadows.
Your glimpse is an embrace for souls of like minds,
And hope is a friend that creates my beautiful world.

Serendipty (Painting in Acrylics)

This is a painting I did for my granddaughter. She is six years old and was very impressed by Gramma’s artwork! 😃 Thank goodness for children. I love to paint. I used to paint landscapes in oil, but became a little bored. I moved on to animals, which are more interesting. I really enjoy a fantasy style with people (or mermaids, etc). Hoping to improve with time.